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Dr. Strangelove: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Prototype

June 13, 2009

I could make this a long post about the merits of gliding through a city, stealth kills without a body afterwards and all the various game mechanics that make Prototype everything that Assassin’s Creed could/should have been.  I could praise the beautiful rendering of Central Park, the oodles of things to do, the openness of this open-world game that manages to do everything that Grand Theft Auto would like to do gameplay-wise (I’m not referring to the kooky parts of GTA, just the straight-up gameplay).

In other words, I could waste your time with mere words… but I’m not going to.  If you like the comic The Boys, the video game Assassin’s Creed (before it got repetitive),  Spider Man, or even Max Payne (before it got really weird and repetitive)… You will like this.  This is the best game that I have played that has come out this year, and most importantly, it is FUN.  I have spent hours today just gliding through the city, getting experience points doing the “plot” and then using said EP to make my character better at flying. This game is unfolding like a delightful apple pie, it is full of layers of delicious and MOST IMPORTANTLY:

If you start a plot mission or an “Event” or anything like that and you decide “Man..I just wann glide some more”, which will happen more than you think it will, all you have to do is go to the menu and click “exit” and then go to “Return to Free Roaming” and you can just bop about to your heart’s content.

Buy Prototype.  If you don’t have an XBOX, find someone who does and play Prototype at their house…make sure you don’t break any laws by using the term “someone” loosely.  Don’t break and enter or anything.

-Amanda Seamus

PS: One of the songs from the soundtrack sounds like the music from the movie The Fugitive and it’s GREAT.

Prototype: He looks angsty here but he is one badass motherSHUTYOMOUTH


The Rack Jack

February 6, 2009

DC or Marvel? Dark Horse or Image? Paper or plastic? In the world of comic books, there are hundreds of different titles, from dozens of different companies, from even more different writers out there. Every Wednesday, we wait with baited breath to see what new storyline, artist, or character will surprise or entertain us.

As somebody who has been reading and collecting comic books for 14 years, I’ve read a good amount and seen characters change drastically. From Kyle Rayner being the last survivor, to his restarting the entire Green Lantern Corp and Hal Jordan returning to take the reigns of the main Green Lantern title comic, to Magneto serving up one of the best surprises in Grant Morrison’s New X-Men to his becoming depowered after M-Day, the world of comics changes quickly, and constantly.

My goal, in this section of the blog, is to give you some recommendations and thoughts about the current comics out there for the week, and spotlight the really interesting ones. A lot of comic book fans tend to go negative, criticizing and picking apart all the details, I’m in it for enjoyment. I read everything from The Flash to The Invisibles, all for different reasons. I think every comic has it’s own merits, and will do my best to give you a good taste of what is out there.

For my first post, I’d like to give my recommendation of my favorite series that are out there right now, and then get into the weekly updates in the next entry.

Series to Watch:

-The Walking Dead=I’m one of Kirkman’s biggest fans, and have been since Invincible. This title is full of surprises and twists that will keep you hooked, and characters and realism that will give you ideas for what to do when…sorry, if the zombie apocalypse happens.

-Invincible=Kirkman took Superman, then spun him on his head and gave him a teenage life that is so relatable I find myself asking, “Robert, are you actually still in high school?” But it the best way possible.

-Fables=Fairy tales for today. It’s a new spin on stories that have been done a hundred times over, and it will make you laugh, think, cry, and just rediscover your inner child all over again. That is, if your inner child grew up and was living in New York and fighting a battle against the mysterious Adversary.

-Justice Society of America=I have always loved DC, but recently they have been…confusing. However, in this time of great change and character upheaval, the JSA is still going strong. Geoff Johns has given this title real heart, and I have to admit, his Starman is one of my favorite characters I’ve seen in a long time.

-Astonishing X-Men=Grant Morrison’s New X-Men. Joss Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men. And now Warren Ellis has taken over? This comic has gone from amazing writer to amazing writer to amazing writer, and each has helped it grow and stay fresh, and it is still going strong after years.

-No Hero=Only a couple issues are out, but the concept is interesting. What would you do if a drug could give you superpowers? How committed are you to the idea of being a hero? What if one man was in control of whether or not it would happen for you? It’s definitely one to watch. Warren Ellis rarely disappoints.

-The Boys=Violent operatives working for the CIA to expose and control the screwed up worlds that superheroes live in. The characters are layered, the content is mature, and fights are almost as graphic as the language and the sex. Definitely not for kids, but definitely for a more mature reader.

That’s all I have for this first post. I wanted to steer clear from DC and Marvel on this first one, because, frankly, both companies are letting the dust settle on their big events that just eneded. The Civil War and Secret Invasion are over, and Norman Osborn came out on top, as the Iron Patriot? The Final Crisis was brought to a close, but can somebody explain what happened to Batman to me? They each have a lot of good titles, but for my introduction, I wanted to open you guys up to some of smaller titles and publishers.

‘Til next Wednesday.