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I ACCEPT Your Contract!

June 10, 2009

This has been an epic month and a half in nerdery.  Let me see if I can cover the main points.  I am on the last case of Apollo Justice and I’m still on the Floating Continent in FF6…mostly because it fills me with unbridled rage and I don’t have enough health potions to move on and I don’t want to have to do it all again by going on the airship and then coming back later.  It’s a bit of a quandary.  Other than that, work stuff has kept me busy lately, Conor and I are PAing for a certain reality TV show that involves singing other people’s songs.  In addition, Buffy is finally no longer on hiatus, I just read the most recent Tales of the Vampires one-off written by Becky Cloonan, Fabio Moon, Gabriel Ba, and Vasilis Lolos and a 5 issue arc by Jane Espenson is supposed to be coming out soon I believe.

In addition, our merry band of miscreants has been watching an anime series called “Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion“.  It’s 50ish episodes total divided into 2 seasons and COMPLETELY worth your time.  I just finished it last night and I feel great about how it ended.  The characters are interesting and consistent, the artwork is decent and though CLAMP did the original character designs they aren’t horrible, and finally and most importantly the writing is really intriguing and subtle.  At times it can be extremely over the top, but I found that my feelings regarding many of the main characters vacillated between extreme hatred and overwhelming sympathy.

I recently started playing through Mass Effect, and it’s still too early for me to make a statement on how I feel about the game, but I must admit that the character models are GREAT and I enjoy the conversation tree system a lot.  The gameplay is taking a lot of getting used to, I’m not very apt at squad based combat but I’m sure I’ll figure it out.  I tend to be a lone, stealthy person and right now Shepherd is bumbling about.

That’s enough rambling, expect something more coherent soon.  Also, I would be remiss not to recommend Endless Frontier: Super Robot Taisen OG Saga for the DS.  Conor, Terry, and the rest of our merry band have been playing the hell out of it.  Personally, I want to pick up Broken Sword but right now I’m reading a book by Herman Hesse named Narziss and Goldmund and before that I reread Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison and East of Eden by John Steinbeck.

Amanda Seamus

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Links to Look at:

March 8, 2009

Here’s a quick rundown of some things worth reading/watching:

“Game storytelling can surpass film if it can overcome narrative hurles” : An interview with Yoshinori Yamagishi of Square Enix has been running a Resident Evil Retrospective and it’s been great and entertaining to watch, I highly recommend it.  They tend to run some cool retrospectives including Metal Gear, Final Fantasy, and The Legend of Zelda.

Here’s a funny comic regarding The Watchmen game

By the way:

I saw the Watchmen movie last night, expect a review of sorts to be up on Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest.  I’m also working on a brief Queer deconstruction of Fable 2.  Jess is working on Firefly essay so that should be up sometime soon and  Conor will be working on a analysis of the Phoenix Wright series in the near future.  In addition to all of these things, I’m sure there will be some random things sure to make ya smile a bit.  Thanks for reading as always!



“This is My Story”

March 8, 2009

Recently, I went to a concert by the Video Game Orchestra, a group of highly talented student musicians from Berklee College of Music, New England Conservatory, Boston University and Boston Conservatory formed by Shota Nakama to:

“[Gain] ‘Musical Respect’ for the video game community, but also to provide practical learning experiences, exposure, and networking opportunity for student composers, musicians, and engineers outside of school” (VGO Facebook Page)

It was thrilling to see such a large group of talented musicians playing this music by choice.  I found the music extremely moving to hear, especially the Final Fantasy Medley which included Aerith’s Theme (FFVII), Hymn of the Faith (FFX), and Liberi Fatali (FFVIII).   Other pieces they played included a Sonic the Hedgehog 2 medley,  and music from Caesar IV, Brothers in Arms, Myst, and  God of War 2.  The main conductor for Video Games Live, Jack Wall, was in attendance to guest conduct the music from Myst, which he co-wrote.  In addition he conducted music from Advent Rising for the show, which was written by Tommy Tallarico with whom Jack co-created Video Games Live.

Seeing this concert with a couple friends of mine made me realize again how much these stories and the music they are associated with are in some ways the myths of a section of our generation.  Within the gamer community, community is formed over things like how you felt when Aeris died or that awkward laughing scene in Final Fantasy X, or the first time you went through the casino level in Sonic.  These are our stories, and these silly, hexagonally modeled characters, whether they are cross-dressing, waging battling or mourning the loss of a friend are something that we can relate to and remember.  These are our stories too.


PS: To learn more about the Video Game Orchestra or Video Games Live, check out their websites!  If you live in the Boston area, VGO does shows fairly regularly and Video Games Live has been touring for quite a while.