Hiatus, Shmiatus

May 16, 2009

Shmiatus kind of looks like a real word… Anyway, so we fell off the face of the Earth because life stuff happened, college graduation, etc.  However, expect updates of the things we’ve been playing/doing geek-wise real soon.

Terry has a review of Code Geas: Lalouche of the Rebellion that’s definitely worth reading in the meantime: CHECK IT.  Anyway, thanks for listening CHIL-DREN, this is THREE DOG, WOOOOO!

…and you’re reading Not So Random Encounters.



One comment

  1. After watching ten more episodes, I’d like to retract my statement about Geass not being subtle. It’s subtle as heck. I just didn’t realize how subtle it was because it was being subtle so subtly.

    It’s been a rocky road, but I can say with certainty now that, Yes – Code Geass deserves all accolades it receives.

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