The Rack Jack #4

March 14, 2009

Okay, DC Comics, I’ll bite.  You put us through so much with your infinite identity crises, and your inability to understand who should and shouldn’t die, but it looks like you’ve finally gotten back on your game.  Sketch pages of a new Batman title with art clearly recognizable as Frank Quitely (We3, All Star Superman, New X-Men) on your DC Nation page?  I guess maybe you do have some kind of plan.  Watch out, Marvel, if DC gets their act together, they might just find Tony Stark, and give him a job where he can use his skills instead of being hunted by…the Green Goblin?  I am a loyal fan, but stop and say your plots out loud, guys, maybe that will help.

As you can probably guess, DC has taken the lead this week (apologies for missing an update, my schedule got insane).

Week of 3/11/09

  • Battle for the Cowl#1- Okay, this is cool. New writer, but he is doing a good job. It really keeps you guessing and gives you a good glimpse into just what kind of world Gotham is, and how important Batman is. A World Without Batman? There are definitely promising avenues to explore here.
  • Top 10#4- Okay, Top 10. Originally written by Alan Moore and Gene Ha, is now just done by Ha, but it is still very interesting. How do you police a world where everybody has a power? The stories are always interesting, and have just enough of a combination of humor and insight that they keep me coming back. Especially if one of the changes they made to the cast remains permanent. I’m not one for getting rid of characters, but sometimes they just have to go (and I mean, they were really annoying).

That’s all for me, but with all that’s stirring on the horizon, I’m sure I will have more and more to say each week.

‘Til next Wednesday.



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