Resident Evil 5: Initial Thoughts

March 14, 2009

Conor and I are playing RE5 right now and I figured since we’re upgrading weapons, we’d give you our thoughts on the game thus far.We’re at Chapter 3 now and Conor’s playing so this may be a bit sporadic.

First of all, I’d like to say I find Lara Croft more of racist imperialist than anything Chris Redfield could do, including stomping on a zombie’s chest…after all, as Conor says, that’s just the ROIDS talking, not Chris.

A note about treasure:  In RE4, the Spaniards had excess wealth, but when you take a ceremonial mask from a village that is now wiped out because they all got the virus (which is a crazier strain of Los Plagos because when things are in Africa they become crazy like Killer BEES!), you’re stealing their culture, and that’s wrong, and Sheva being present for it doesn’t make it okay.

About level design:

Conor: “They all have gondolas and elevators.  That’s the end of every chapter.”  It doesn’t matter if you’re in a village or an oil field or whatever, there are ALWAYS some sort of vehichle transportation.

From first impressions, we are extremely impressed with Sheva as an AI character…


The reason, my friends is that Capcom decided it would be brilliant to make the two viewing screens for the players staggered DIAGONALLY AND TINY!   IF YOU TRY TO PLAY THAT WAY YOU DIE A LOT!  Therefore, we’ve decided there will be a lot less tears if we just switch off the controller, and I don’t mind this being a spectator game because honestly, it’s funny to watch Conor freak out over “zombie” crocodiles.

Why do the Los Plagos zombies always have some sort of religious rituals?

The main thing with Sheva being a good co-op AI character seems to be a failure on the part of those gamers in providing Sheva with ammo and weapons.  She’s protected and revived Conor on many occasions and I find it both silly and unconscionable that people would not utilize her abilities.

Level designs are standard in RE4, Conor feels it’s like RE4 again as well… and I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

“Speaking as one who has played RE since the beginning, I really like the way it has evolved.  I really enjoy it… FUCKING CROCODILES! Coming out of nowhere and ruining your day!”

As you can see we’re having a good time, crocodiles aside.

“Stay out of the long grass!  There’ll be raptors!”

PS: the first thing that comes up when you google notsorandomencounters is “Transsexual Ferox”… I don’t know what that is, but awesome.

Amanda and Conor


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