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March 8, 2009

Here’s a quick rundown of some things worth reading/watching:

“Game storytelling can surpass film if it can overcome narrative hurles” : An interview with Yoshinori Yamagishi of Square Enix

Gametrailers.com has been running a Resident Evil Retrospective and it’s been great and entertaining to watch, I highly recommend it.  They tend to run some cool retrospectives including Metal Gear, Final Fantasy, and The Legend of Zelda.

Here’s a funny comic regarding The Watchmen game

By the way:

I saw the Watchmen movie last night, expect a review of sorts to be up on Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest.  I’m also working on a brief Queer deconstruction of Fable 2.  Jess is working on Firefly essay so that should be up sometime soon and  Conor will be working on a analysis of the Phoenix Wright series in the near future.  In addition to all of these things, I’m sure there will be some random things sure to make ya smile a bit.  Thanks for reading as always!



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  1. Check out this Watchmen marquee. The Squid is all in your head:



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