Rack Jack #3

February 22, 2009

The Rack Jack #3

DC and Marvel are really going at it, and even still, it feels more like the calm before the storm.  The most obviously notable events that have happened in the DC universe are the drastic changes to the Batman Family.

Both the Nightwing and Robin main titles have had their final issues, and though this may fall more under a “weekly recommendation” area, it is something I want to give a bit more attention.  Whenever a title ends, it is always something to note, especially when it is from two major characters whose titles were running for 12 to 15 years (150-180 some issues), that is a sign that this whole “Batman is dead” thing might be important.  The stories told of the two Bat-Prodigies and how they are leaving their old lives behind to fill the void left by Batman’s absence.  Even Alfred is leading the Outsiders!  Battle for the Cowl is coming…

Marvel is still fighting the brave fight in the topsy-turvy world they have created.  Brian Michael Bendis is a man whose has done…well, a lot.  I loved his run on Ultimate Spiderman, but I have to say I wonder if he’s stretched too thin.  After Secret Invasion, he now has THREE Avengers titles (that’s just Avengers titles, he is still writing other things as well).  What are you up to, Marvel, what’s the end game?


Week of 2/18/09

  • Robin #183. As mentioned above, it is the last issue of a series I wasn’t even reading. But I picked it up because it was the end, and I found the writing to be quite good. The story was solid, heartfelt, and definitely raises the reader’s eyebrow in curiosity: I wonder where the boy wonder will wander…
  • Invincible #59. I was actually in the store when it was being recommended this week, and I couldn’t help but add a simple “you should try it” to the customer they were trying to convince to start this series with the first trade-and buy it he did. But this new issue stands out in my mind because it was a unique story. Told from the perspective of a man whose sister died because of one of Invincible’s fights, he has grown to hate the hero and has powers of his own. His quest, one issue’s worth of vengeance, and even his wife and young son support him-so he may fight the hero, but it is hard to call him a villain.
  • Ultimate Fantastic Four #60. Okay, Ultimatum? I don’t know what is going on with the Ultimate line, but apparently things are changing and coming to a close. Ultimate FF is one of the few Ultimate titles that stayed strong. It was convoluted at times, sure, but the writing has been good, and the characters sincere, as the FF should be. Susan surprised me in this issue, in a new and interesting way.



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