The Rack Jack #2

February 13, 2009

This week in comics began DC Comics’ NEXT, BIG THING! Because, obviously, we haven’t had enough of their events. No, now we have Omens and Origins, which I am holding off really critiquing. It is an interesting idea, and the build up seems like it could lead to something cool. DC actually takes the lead in this week’s news, since Marvel didn’t put up too many new issues this week. A couple smaller titles also are worth consideration, and have my endorsement. But enough with the generalities, damnit, you need specifics!

Week of 2/13/09

THE HEADLINER: BATMAN #686 by NEIL GAIMAN. I will repeat that: By Neil Gaiman. Grant Morrison to Neil Gaiman. Why is it Batman only gets the best writers when he’s dead? But really, it is an interesting read. It’s a two parter, about Batman’s death. Very Gaiman. The story is a bit hard to follow, but that’s because it’s about the build up, and you’ve got to hang in for the big twist. The good news? It’s only an issue away.

DMZ by Brian Wood. The 6th DMZ trade came out this week, and I wanted to take the time to give the series it’s proper salute. Hats off to Brian Wood, the man knows how to write a good human story. New York as a De-Militarized Zone? Journalist protagonist meeting all the different types of people? It’s new, it’s rich, and it’s well done. Trade Paperback #5 explored different stories of different people in the city-from a graffiti artist to the head of a gang. I will admit I haven’t gotten to sink my teeth into the new trade, but I expect to be pleasantly unsurprised by a good story.

Incognito by Ed Brubaker. Government witness protection for supervillains! This type of thing is where Brubaker hits his stride. It’s got a character with a standard power suite (strong, tough, etc), but it really focuses on the grit, but not just human grit-superhuman subculture. Icon is an interesting publisher, offshoot of Marvel, with titles like Powers. They know what they are doing, and Brubaker’s reputation is one that has yet to falter.

Keep the faith DC and Marvel fans, I’m sure that in 2-3 years some normalcy should return to the characters we love. Y’know, except Steve Rogers…or Tony Stark…oh, nevermind.

‘Til next Wednesday.



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