What I’m Listening to: 2/9/09

February 9, 2009

I’m gonna come clean, I tend to be a pop music person in general, be it regular pop, indie pop, power pop, electro-pop or pretty much any other kind of pop that you can name.  I can be perfectly happy listening to M. Ward or Estelle, Britney or Rilo Kiley, etc.  I just like catchy tunes with a beat that you could bop about to a bit.  Rocking out is important.  That being said, here are some of the people I happen to be listening to right now:

  • M. Ward and Zooey Deschannel: The thing about this is, I realize that I’m really just listening to M. Ward, and Zooey’s cool and all, but note that she’s featuring.  That being said “Never Had Nobody Like You” is a nice little pop song.  M. Ward sounds kind of sleepy and lazy when he sings and I like it.  This song is available on spinner.com and I highly recommend it, the rest of the album is worth checking out as well but this is definitely the stand out track for me.
  • The Appleseed Cast: I love early songs by the Appleseed Cast, and I am pretty much always encouraging people to listen to them.  It might be a product of my listening to bands like Los Desparecidos and Thursday in high school and going to Daughters shows, but I like really epic-but- subdued guitar sounds that just rip it wide open when it’s time and vocals that soar.  That being said, I think Mare Vitalis is their rawest and best album, and it might be the reason I like Explosions in the Sky as much as I do.  I love music that feels like traveling across great distances and triumphing over obstacles.  That being said, Mare Vitalis is a well-crafted gem, one song flowing directly into the other, something that I always love having grown up on Pink Floyd.
  • “International Player’s Anthem”:  UGK feat. Andre 3000.  This song is amazing, Andre 3000’s rap in the beginning feels like he’s painting with words, and then UGK just brings it home with their hilarious rhymes.

That’s all for today, have a good one.



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